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Michael brings decades of operational and management experience from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies including Harvard University, Yale University, Brown Medicine School, Panasonic, Black & Decker, Sotheby’s, Deutsche Bank, Chase Manhattan Bank, Citi Bank, American Express, AT&T, McCann Erickson Advertising, Estee Lauder, Hilton Hotel Corp., Seimens Medical Systems, 3M, Phillips, Sun Microsystems, NY Life, Novartis, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Unilever/Best Foods, Exxon/Mobile, US Army, New York City District Attorney’s Office and the US Navy.


Michael has a sharp eye for how businesses get bloated with inefficiencies, cross-­purposes and miscommunications and can retool them as sleeker, smoother and strategically focused organizations. This was quite evident in his junior year at St. John’s University, when Michael, a Business and Computer Science Major was approached by Deloitte Haskins & Sells and offered a position upon completion of his bachelor’s degree in their strategic middle market consulting division (businesses that have a net worth of $1-­$20 million dollars). He completed the task and increased profits by 50% within 6-months. When a merger between the two powerhouse accounting giants arouse, Michael was offered a position in the newly formed company of Deloitte & Touche as senior manager of the strategic growth division. The move placed Michael in charge of 20, economic financial accountants and business analysts to implement a program for various companies with a net worth of $20-­$100 million dollars on the proper infrastructure necessary to achieve maximum efficiency and profitability.


Michael was then exposured to other fortune 500 Companies in the financial industry where he brought his creative business knowledge and computer skills to increase market stake. He was hired as Vice President of the Internal Audit Division of Citibank, NA. and was the liaison between North America and Canada’s internal audit compliance and network administration. He managed a $100.5 million dollar a year operating budget and was tasked with taking the two independent divisions in two different countries and entwining them. Upon completion of this project, Michael’s services and expertise’s were persued by Prudential Securities where he was given a $50 million dollar budget and tasked to manage and orchestrate a move of $5 billion dollars in security instruments from various prudential offices to the newly designed Prudential Plaza. Michael handled all the details of the move working with various government, state and local agencies to deliver high profile results efficiently and without any disruptions of offered services or lost revenue.


After a decade in the financial market, Michael made a decision to take his innovative leadership style and apply it towards his festering intrigue of the retail sector. Immediately, Barnes & Noble recruited him. Michael’s primary responsibility was in the development of a strong competitive presence for Barnes & Nobel on the Worldwide Web. Michael designed the business model from inception to implementation. This project was so successful and brought an abundant revenue stream to the company that it prompted Barnes & Noble to form a spin off company called Michael was instrumental in the negotiations and collaborations with Starbucks and Barnes & Noble, placing Cafe’s inside the Bookstores. This move increased in-store book sales over 20% and added Café sales to the bookstore powerhouse as well. After the Barnes & Noble project was completed, Michael took a position as Director of Sales/Information Infrastructure at Paranet (a subsidiary of Sprint). Michael’s ability to increase customer satisfaction, revenue and improve employee morale nationwide caused Sprint to realize that a high level person with superior project management skills was needed and Michael was their choice to embark on this mission. Michael's responsibility was to manage this $500 million dollar project of building out five (5) Sprint data centers strategically positioned throughout the US in a one-­year time frame. Because of Michael’s experience and technical knowledge he was indeed able to deliver the project to completion in 10-months with pre-sold contracts from manager specialist teams he put together. These pre-­sold contracts had a monthly recurring revenue stream of $15 million per month for Sprint Inc. and by the end of the year Michael was managing over $45 million per month in recurring revenue. Based on the budget that Sprint set for Michael and his team they delivered a profit margin of 337% above the project quota. Michael was in the top 2% of all worldwide performers, a member of the 100% Quota Club, and the Presidents Club for five (5) consecutive years. Michael was also a frequent recipient of the Best of the Best U.S./International Service Delivery Manager awards, Quarterly Quality Service awards and the Yearly Project Delivery Awards


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