Experience, creativity, passion, imagination, vision, dedication, pride, reliability, and

commitment to excellence make Pride and Joy Pictures unique. We are a team of innovative,

and diverse perfectionists who guide an entire project or enhance any segment of it.



Aaron began his career as a graphic designer while working at a photography studio and never looked back. He has been a professional artist and designer for over a decade and remains more passionate about his art than ever.


Aaron provides exquisite art and design work that fits any personalized vision. His many skills include character art, movie posters, comic books, story boards, logos, album covers, book covers, main title and end credit sequences, animation art, flash animation, branding, and multi-media web services.


Recently, Aaaon completed Pride and Joy Pictures' first issue of the comic book "The Dark Inside" along with concepts and illustrations for the feature film The Gate "The Dark Inside".


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